Fauna and Flora


There is an abundance of indigenous flora on the estate, such as the Boekenhout, many Acascia Species, Aloes, Succulents, Orchids and Grasses. The Magaliesberg mountains will delight you with the beauty and versatility of its Flora all year round.
Trees, Flowers, Veld grass, Ferns and Fungus all make up an array of hardy plant species.
These flourish and bloom over various stages of the year, making these mountains and valleys beautiful and interesting to look at all year round.

Bird Life

Redstone is a bird lovers paradise. There are over 100 species that have been recorded in the area. Due to the green belt and the Leeuwen Spruit large numbers of water birds, such as weaver; widow; bishop; warblers; rail; geese; duck and crakes proliferate here. Cape vultures nest in colonies on the south facing cliffs of the Northern Magalies range along with the black eagle, jackal buzzard, falcons and swifts.

The resident fish eagle in the Leeuwenspruit is heard daily on the site.

In winter the aloes attract myriads of brilliantly coloured sunbirds and in summer flocks of migrating storks can be seen in the fields. Cuckoos, starlings, robins, babblers, barbets, finches, owls and a multitude of other species are to be spotted here.

Animal Life

The slopes of the mountain are inhabiteed by a vast and varied community of animals. Numerous mammal species, including antelopes, make their home in the range. Nocturnal creatures including the aardwolf, various bat species, Cape Porcupines, striped polecats and black-backed jackals emerge at night to hunt or forage on the slopes, the common molerat, scrub hare, dormouse, pouched mouse, veld rat and squirrel, amongst them.

Most frequently seen however, are troops of baboons and monkeys. Apart from these animals other species to be found on cliff-faces are rock dassies, klipspringers, not to mention the occasional rock climber!

Legguan is frequent close to the river and makes for a thrilling sighting.